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INSAR 2022 Annual Meeting:
A Neurocognitive Therapy Intervention to Develop Inner Speech in Autistic Children: Preliminary Results for a Remote, Synchronous Training Program for SLPs

Speech language pathologists (SLPs) play a critical role in supporting children on the autism spectrum. However, SLPs receive minimal autism training in graduate school. Effective autism interventions are essential to improve social and academic outcomes for autistic populations. Therefore, we developed a remote training program to train SLPs in a neurocognitive intervention that helps autistic children independently solve emotional, social or academic problems. The intervention, called Thinking in Speech® (TiS), develops inner speech, which is essential for solving problems and self-regulation. Prior research found that autistic children seen by SLP graduate students trained to use TiS outperformed autistic children seen by experienced SLPs not trained in TiS (Nathan & Nathan, 2018). TiS received a 2019 Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh) Award from the University of Pittsburgh Clinical and Translational Science Institute, which funds this research.

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